For the last 6 years, Negative Space has existed as a home for hundreds of artists, musicians, and spectators.  We built our foundation on the mission to serve as a platform for artists and a gathering place for the community.  The combination has created an atmosphere unlike any other: a hidden oasis of art and people.


Our stage continuously elevates local, national, and international talent during our free and open-to-the-public monthly Jam Nights, Sketch Nights, and Open Mic Nights, as well as our vibrant concert series and theatric events.


We consider Negative Space to be a host for communal exchange.  Not only does our "hidden oasis" inspire participants and audiences alike, but we also learn from what the community brings to us.  Our friendly neighbors have opened our eyes to countless community engagements, fellow non-profits, and exciting opportunities to grow and invest in the Cleveland art community.